March 30, 1919

Ambulance Company No. I.
—Army of Occupation—

Engers Arn Rhein Germany
March 30, 1919
1 P.M.

Dear Sister:

I received your letter (mailed March 20) today. It is quite cold and snowing a little today so I have been sitting around by a nice warm fire all day reading a magazine. Although the time seems monotonous we have very comfortable quarters such as we never had in France, so I guess we had not ought to complain.

I went to a picture show last night and saw William S. Hart in one of his famous wild west plays, “The Bargain,” taken in Arizona hills and canyons very much resembling the country around home, where you and “Augusta” and myself went on a picnic nearly five years ago. You perhaps will wonder at my mentioning this incident, but it happened to spring into my mind while deeply interested in a picture of such a country as the Southwestern United States, which is home sweet home to me.

I had a letter from Joe a few days ago stating that he expected to leave France for the United States on the 20th so I guess before you get this letter you will have heard of his arrival. Expect he will be home before long as his foot was in such a shape as to be in D. Class. [A medical category: Unfit but could be fit within 6 months].

You spoke of me having my picture taken, well I have been intending to but have just neglected it. Say, whatever you do, take good care of my junk that I left in my trunk when I left California. I have lots of pictures and postcards among other things that will be very valuable to me as relics of past years.

When I get discharged I intend to come out there and visit for a while before settling down to something useful. A good many of our supplies are now coming by way of Rotterdam, Holland, but I don’t know if we will embark from there when we go home or not.

Well, as this leaves me well, but not much news to write, will cut this short for now with love and best wishes to all, your Brother,

Robert E. Schalles
1st Amb. Co. 2nd Div.
American E.F.