July 2, 1919

Sayn, Germany
July 2, 1919

Dear Father and Mother

I received your letter of June 12th today.

Well it looks now as if I may get home by September, as peace has been signed, and preparations are being made to get the troops out of Germany. The 4th and 5th divisions are starting to move towards the port of embarkation and it was officially announced that the 2nd would entrain on the 18th of this month, but there is a rumor out that it has been postponed. However, if you send the affidavit, I will put it in and try to get out on that if things look discouraging in a few weeks.

All the troops were on the front line ready to advance in case the Germans refused to sign. Our first objective was fifty miles, so I guess they didn’t expect much opposition.

I had a letter from Joe written June 4th, he said he was going to work for the power company at Silverton for $4.50 per day and was going to get married soon. I suppose you paid him the $30.00 I borrowed from him before he left.

I don’t think it will be long till I am discharged after arriving in America as all the paper work along that line that can be done over here is being gotten ready now. Today they had us sign up where we desired transportation to. I put mine in as Durango.

It is very cold for this time of year here, an overcoat feels quite comfortable when out on a car. It was getting awful hot until about two weeks ago. It rains everyday now. The people here cut and rake most of their hay by hand but they don’t have much to cut. Cherries are beginning to get ripe now. They are of a very fine variety.

Well, I haven’t much to write about, hope I will be starting home by the time you get this, but answer soon anyway.

With love and best wishes your son

Robert E. Schalles
1st Amb Co. 2nd Div.