February 7, 1919

Engers on the Rhine
February 7, 1919

Dear Father:

Your letter of January 13th was received yesterday. Glad to hear you are all well and escaped the flu. There was quite a bit of flu here, but I think the damp weather made it worse, but now it has turned cold and dry. There has not been more than a couple of inches of snow here altogether.

The way it looks now I don’t think I will be home before summer or fall. I sure would like to get back to working at a more profitable and better paying occupation than army life, although considering everything we get, good enough pay, but it would take a long time to save up much of a stake.

I thought some of filing on land after I get out, but expect if we could buy a good place like you spoke of, it would be better as the returns would come quicker with a bunch of stock to start with.

What I have seen of Germany so far is a very fine country. I suppose you received the postcard views I sent you. There are lots of souvenirs for sale over here, but haven’t bought any yet as I don’t want to be loaded down with junk until I get started home. Iron crosses are selling at from 15 to 20 marks each (about 2 or 3 dollars in our money).

Well, I don’t know of anymore to write.

This leaves Joe and I both well at present.

Your son,

Robert. E. Schalles