February 26, 1919

Engers Arn Rhien Germany
February 26, 1919

Dear Sister:

Your welcome letter of February 4th was received yesterday. It is about the quickest I have ever received a letter after it was mailed.

The winter seems to be about over here. But it was quite cold for about three weeks and for a few days there was so much ice floating down the river that the boats could not run.

Joe went to the hospital about two weeks ago and was sent back to France somewhere, but I haven’t heard from him. He had a bum foot. He hurt it when he was a kid at Ouray [in Colorado], but it had never bothered him until lately. I expect he will be home before I am.

Papa wrote me that he was thinking of buying a ranch in the Animas Valley. I would like to be back there now to get back at the old job, “by gum.”

I hope you stay in Los Angeles until I get back for I would like to spend a month or two there after I get turned loose.

You ask if the people here wear wooden shoes. Some do, but not so very many. I saw more wooden shoes in France than here.

I wish I knew more to write about, but everything is about the same here day after day, and I kind of wish I was back in the good old U.S.A.—believe me if I ever get my feet under Ma’s dining room table it will take an act of Congress to get me away the next time.

This will be about all I can write for this time with love and best wishes to all,

Your Brother.
Private 1st Class Robert E. Schalles
1st Amb Co. 2nd Div.
American E.F. A.P.O. 710