Wounded October 4, 1918

"I was wounded when we were on the campaign front the 4th of October. I was in the hospital seven weeks near Paris about ten minutes ride from the main part of the city."

— Robert E. Schalles, January 1, 1919

This is the document that shows Schalles was wounded on October 4, 1918 and entitled to “wear the prescribed wound” chevron.

There are 9 other names listed:

  • Antonio Alessi
  • Ernest Bluhm
  • Stanley Bunk
  • William Burmeister
  • Charles Pappas
  • Max G.D. Prentice
  • George Romowski
  • James Wright
  • Merle M. McNeil

E.W. Miller signed the document.

Transcription (Text)

The extract reads:

1. Pursuant to authority contained in G.O. 110, Par. 8, G.H.Q. dated France, July 7th, 1918, the following named officers and enlisted men are entitled to wear the prescribed wound chevrons.